About the Unsubtle Reviewer

The Unsubtle Reviewer is a post-punk parish priest, dragonfly chasing, steam railway fanatic who loves jam making, Jesus, Joy Division and winding people up.

With twenty-five years’ experience as a bookseller the UR has seen many a book rise, remaindered and pulped and has a robustly sceptical view towards the value of fiction in a society saturated with words.

As a parish priest the UR is orthodoxly unorthodox, preferring Sonic Youth to John Rutter and MIA to Graham Kendrick. However, the Mass is the Mass and anyone tinkering with the Sacraments is liable to get Aidan Kavanagh’s Elements of Rite inserted somewhere painful.

The UR is not always right but is usually ready with an opinion and can grow extremely aerated over certain topics with frightening speed.


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