Meditations for Advent in Verse and Music 2016

picture-1900-coughton-court-cropWelcome and Opening Prayer

Music 1: Envelop (from The Magic Place) – Julianna Barwick

Poem 1: In attentive silence – Elizabeth Jennings

Music 2: Holofernes (from Ruins)  – Grouper (Liz Harris)

Poem 2: We grow accustomed to the dark – Emily Dickinson

Music 3: Steal softly thru snow (from Wild Winter)  – Smoke Fairies

Poem 3: The Message – R.S. Thomas

Music 4: Waving to you (from Nepenthe) – Julianna Barwick

Poem 4: Sources of light – Elizabeth Jennings

Music 5: The romantic Tees (Prelude) – (from Diversions Volume 3: Songs from the Shipyards) – The Unthanks

Poem 5: Advent – Gillian Clarke

Music 6: When we fall (from Dragging a Dead Deer up a Hill) – Grouper

Poem 6: Mary – R.S. Thomas

Poem 7: Joseph – Sandy S

Music 7: Snowglobe blizzard (from Wild Winter) – Smoke Fairies

Poem 8: The second coming – W.B.Yeats

Music 8: Live through me (from Soundtracks for the Blind) – Swans

Poem 9: A litany of contrition – Elizabeth Jennings

Music 9: Offing (from Nepenthe) – Julianna Barwick

Poem 10: Ballad of the bread man – Charles Causley


Closing Prayer

Music 10: Night Prayers (from Officium Divinum) – Margaret Rizza

Service to take place, 6.00pm Sunday 27 November, Flax Bourton Parish Church


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