Stations of the Cross Installation

One of the reasons I’ve been quiet on this blog for the last few weeks is because Lent, Holy Week and Easter are such an intense and busy time. Here is some of the fruit of the work of our church community in an installation for Good Friday.


Good Friday 2014, Flax Bourton Parish Church

The Stations of the Cross follow the practice of the Early Church annually to experience the events of Holy Week in the places in Jerusalem where they originally took place. During the Crusades, when pilgrims could not access the Holy City, Franciscan monks created the traditional fourteen Stations of the Cross in local churches as a means to allow everyone to walk with Jesus on his final journey. Today artists and communities re-vision the traditional stations to bring home the visceral and transformative nature of that journey for a new generation.

In 2014 four members of the worshipping community of Barrow Gurney and Flax Bourton created twelve stations (the maximum the building would contain) which included a reading from the Bible, a meditation and an action. The church was left open for the morning of Good Friday and people came and went in…

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