The world is very different now

 1Q84 – Book Two

Haruki Murakami

Vintage, 9780099549062, £8.99

Puzzled. The story continues from Book One, the main characters working their way through a series of unervingly implausibly plausible events and travelling dual paths that might or might not converge and the writing is as lush and coolly sensual as before yet my engagement is weakened. I was interested but not gripped. Did I have to put the book down so often through boredom or because there was so much to think about? Perhaps I have reached Murakami overload. Or maybe the law of diminishing returns has kicked in as it does with so many trilogies. Which is not to say that it was not good – it was, very, especially some of the descriptions of the non-real events. Murakami does have this amazing way of making the non-real tangible yet there was something missing in this volume, something that stopped the exquisite writing from lifting into life. So, it is with slight unease that I begin Book Three – will the Murakami magic work for me again?


3 thoughts on “The world is very different now

  1. Don’t worry – Murakami fatigue is real – I’m on number 8 (Wild Sheep Chase) and feeling it. But the writing is just as good and the subject matter as plausible/implausible as ever. Better to be on the inside looking out than on the outside being clueless. I’m saving IQ84 until my intellectual Murakami journey can justify it.

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