The one with the yellowy eyes

Storm Front

Jim Butcher

Orbit, 9780356500270, £7.99

Having grown up with the conjuring books of Harry Blackstone Jr when I first met the main man, Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, of this opening volume in a series about a wizard who happens to be a PI, I knew I was going to have fun. Neat, sweet but not quite petite (340pp) this was a smoothly written, highly entertaining, funny, frazzled and action-filled roll in the detritus of a future earth where the supernatural is spilling out onto the street, running a parallel system of governance and generally causing the Chicago PD a great deal of gory grief. Harry is too likeable to be simply hard-boiled (shades of Spenser, perhaps, in his set up, with a wizard’s staff as well as a .38) but he deals with the bad guys with forceful finality. I shall be looking out the rest of the series.


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